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Talktofoodlion – The Food Lion client service questionnaire is essential for observing and analysing your buying behavior. Food Lion supermarkets carry a wide range of products, including dairy, meat, health and cosmetic items, kitchen groceries, pharmacies, alcohol, and much more.

The survey is also useful for learning about the target audience’s expectations and adhering to those expectations. It is a technique for gathering direct input from Food Lion customers to comprehend their needs. - Win $500 - Food Lion Survey

Food Lion’s customer satisfaction survey encourages brand loyalty among its customers by providing them with a customisation shopping experience. As a result, expressing your happiness or discontent in the Food Lion Grocery survey might help you enhance your shopping experience.

At the same a period of time you are assisting Food Lion’s growth. You’ll also be pleased to learn that taking the online survey qualifies you for amazing Food Lion vouchers. So, go ahead and try your luck and learn more about the Food Lion Poll.

Talktofoodlion- Food Lion Survey

The shops are all about freshness, cost-effectiveness, and service to mankind. Food Lion’s shelves are stocked with freshly cut vegetables and fruits for customers to enjoy. With the phrase “Northern California’s Lowest Price.” People come to the business wanting the finest, and its inventory never fails.Food Lion is additionally committed giving back to the community.

They not only offer ingredients for ordinary dishes for the people who live nearby, but they additionally feed many homeless and underprivileged individuals as part of their community service.

They also engage with customers via the talktofoodlion survey. This company needs your honest feedback to help us better their service and conditions for its regular consumers. And the good news is that by finishing the questionnaires, you will be entered into a Food Lion contest, where you might win one of ten $500 Food Lion gift cards for each month.

Rewards & Coupons

Food Lion offers a chat to food lion consumers to get information about its services and goods. It wants to know how happy its customers are with its general products and services. Those who participate in its comments are not only free to discuss their overall experience, but they also receive a free entry ticket into its sweepstakes.

And the cash prizes in these sweepstakes are fantastic.You will be awarded with gift cards for your faithful comments and participation in the Food Lion survey. This brand will run a random lottery every month, with a total of ten prize winners.

All ten award winners will get the same amount of money.That is, each fortunate recipient gets a $500 gift card. Because each prize has a retail value of $500, the overall ARV (roughly retail value) of awards every drawing time is $5,000. 

Winners have to reply and verify their suitability within two business days after being contacted. People who win will be informed by telephone, email, or mail using the information they provided when enrolling. There is a prize restriction of one prize per person/household every contest month.

Remember that the awards are not transferable or refundable.The Winners’ Selection Procedure: Each survey winner will be determined by a draw at random or selection following the completion of each Submission Form. Also, if the winners fail to reply to the email, announcement, or winners list, they will be disqualified, and the process will choose alternate winners among the remaining Eligible Submissions. - Win $500 - Food Lion Survey

Rules & Regulation

Talktofoodlion has the right to reject any survey responder from participating in the poll.

  • A client must engage in our TalkToFoodLion Survey by simply complying with these basic steps:
  • Enter the last Food Lion transaction details.
  • Select the “Yes” option when discussing their experience with Food Lion Customer treatment and give their important ideas on the treatment they had and whether they were happy with the items presented for sale at a certain store.
  • If you do not offer your accurate receipt number or cell phone number, your study will be invalid.
  • The survey is carried out with the help of privately held software that takes a digital camera photographing the consumer’s bill or payment card as well as filled in his or her information. 
  • The software creator would not disclose this information with a third party as well as would keep it private.
  • This poll is being performed in collaboration with TalkToFoodLion, a firm that assists businesses in improving their customer service through feedback surveys. 
  • Throughout this process, the consumer learns about other businesses related to food that are also conducting this sort of poll and has the option for contrasting their experience with these other eating companies to their engagement with TalkToFoodLion.

Talktofoodlion Customer Survey Requirements

  • You must have a Food Lion ticket or a digital payment card with the code from your transaction.
  • You must be able to download your receipt from home or anyplace else.
  • In order for us to get in touch with you after gathering your important thoughts about Food Lion products throughout the survey process, your receipt must include the code which appears on it, as well as a bar code and an email ID. 
  • This is a critical necessity, and if you do not submit it, I am not going to include it in any survey procedure.
  • You must search for the information included in a receipt barcode. This is necessary for purchasing the Talktofoodlion.

How to take Food Lion Survey?

During the course of the survey, each time a client makes a purchase at any Food Lion location, an invitation code will be printed on his or her bill. That invitation code also grants access to It is vital to remember that participants must participate within 5 days of making a transaction and getting their bill. Follow these procedures for online admission after carefully reviewing all of the rules and criteria.

The Talk Food Lions Questionnaire Sweepstakes can be entered in two ways:

  • Online poll.
  • Alternative Entry Method

Online Poll

#1. To learn everything about the survey, visit or - Win $500 - Food Lion Survey

#2. Choose between English or Spanish for your survey language.

#3. Then enter the 16-digit questionnaire code found on the receipt.

#4. Then, press the Next button.

#5. Food Lion supermarketTo begin the survey, input your most recent receipt’s Store Number, which is Date, Time, Transactions Number, which is and Total Amount into the relevant areas on the webpage.

#6. Then, press the Next button.

#7. Following that, you must answer all of the inquiries posted on the page. These will be survey-related questions. Make sure to respond depending on how recently you were shopping.

#8. Give Food Lion honest criticism so that it can improve its services.

#9. Before submitting your application, you must provide your full name, phone number, and electronic address.

#10. Then return the survey.

#11. Your name will be immediately put into the Food Lion questionnaire prize drawing.

Food Lion Mailing Method Sweepstakes

#1. This strategy is great for folks who wish to enter contests without conducting a survey via the internet or making a purchase. Here were a few points to remember.

#2. A baseline need is a 3′ x 5′ simple postcard.

#3. On the card, a candidate must include their entire name, phone number, postal address, DOB, as well as an email address.

#4. Members are now required to mail the cards with a business-size box.

#5. Post your cards to “Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Sweepstakes”, P.O. Box 10430, Rochester, NY 14610.

#6. Any additional entries within the same envelop are null and void.

#7. Individuals may submit up to 5 envelopes during a single prize entry session.

About Talktofoodlion

Food Lion is a North Carolina-based regional supermarket chain with over 1100 locations in 10 Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states (Delaware, Georgia, the state of Kentucky, Maryland in Baltimore, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, the state of South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia).Over 63,000 individuals work for the company.Food Town, an individual food market in Salisbury, was created in 1957. It eventually expanded to several locations around North Carolina. It was run independently until 1974, when it was purchased by the Belgian giant Delhaize Group.In 1983, the firm changed its logo and name to Food Lion in order to expand into areas where the term Food Town had previously been employed by unrelated retailers. Ahold Delhaize now owns Food Lion, LLC after a series of mergers and acquisitions. Since January 17, 1997, the mascot’s moniker has been Georges the Food Lion.

Beginning in 1997, Food Lion attempted for seven years to build a foothold in Bangkok, Thailand. Bel-Thai Supermarket Co., which operated locally, exited the nation in 2004, selling all outlets to Tops Supermarkets.Food Lion has been recognized Energy Star Partnership of the Year for 20 years and has won the Continued Excellence Prize for 18 years for its environmental initiatives.Food Lion intends to commit to increased sustainability efforts in collaboration with its parent organization Ahold Delhaize USA, including greater food candour by 2025, a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030 via recycling, composting, and composting and animal feed, and a 50% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from its business activities and a cut of fifteen percent for its suppliers by 2030. Food Lion and the Feeding America program have worked together to prevent food waste since 2000, giving over 300 million dinners to Food Lion communities via their food rescue effort. - Win $500 - Food Lion Survey Customer Support

You can contact food lion customer services for more info and details:-

  • Phone Number: 1-800-210-9569

Last Thoughts

So, with all of the information from the Food Lion questionnaire, you can simply give a plethora of helpful feedback to uncover flaws and enhance customer service and shopping experiences. As a consequence, you have the opportunity to earn Food Lion coupons or receive prizes on the following visit. So, for simple, fresh, and economical grocery supplies, make your next big purchase by heading to Food Lion. Delhaize is collecting feedback from Food Lion consumers. Customers may use their cellphones to give complaints and ideas about the way they shop by accessing the Talktofoodlion survey over their existing app store. We hope you enjoy this survey and incorporate it into your usual Food Lion buying habit!

Talktofoodlion FAQs

  • Question:- What exactly is the Talktofoodlion poll?

Answer:- Food Lion, a supermarket company in the United States, offers a customer satisfaction poll called TalkToFoodLion. Customers can use the form to offer feedback on their most recent Food Lion purchasing experience.

  • Question:- What should I do with my Food Lion benefits?

Answer:- Use the Food Lion points by visiting any Food Lion location and making any purchases. Show your points to a cashier later at checkout to claim offers. The same is true for its application for mobile devices. Simply get whatever you need and use your rewards while you’re at it.

  • Question:- What types of questions do the TalkToFoodLion survey ask?

Answer:- The TalkToFoodLion poll inquires about your most recent purchase at a Food Lion location, such as store cleanliness, product availability, and staff friendliness.

  • Question:- What are the Talktofoodlion Customer Survey’s limitations?

Answer:- All Food Lion clients who completed their most recent purchase at any Food Lion location, or who have opened or closed a Fresh Choices Savings Card, are eligible to take the TalkToFoodLion Feedback Poll.

For each Food Lion transaction you input, TalkToFoodLion will be sending you only one Questionnaire question per month.

  • Question:- What are the questions on the Talktofoodlion Questionnaire?

Answer:- The following is a list of the questions that will be asked of you throughout the Food Lion client happiness questionnaire. It is crucial to note how the questions listed here may not appear exactly as they do in the actual questionnaire. As a result, just use them to gain a general idea:

  • How does our product line look? On a rating system of 1 to 10, rate.
  • On a rating system of 1-10, how likely are you to suggest us to your friends?
  • Did you have a good time shopping at the outlet?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how good are our interiors?
  • On a ranking scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate our franchise’s parking lot?
  • Is it simple for you to locate the things you require?
  • Is your checkout process quick?
  • Were our employees kinder to you?
  • Are you happy with the cleanliness and safety measures we implemented in our stores?

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